A Freeport Overlord in Queen Lenya's Court  

CategoryButcherblock Mountains
Level70 (Scales)
Choice Of:
Lucanic Hammer
Lucanic Kama
Lucanic Sabre
Lucanic Gladius
Lucanic Staff
Lucanic Longsword

This is nice and easy, and is the final part of the Swords of Destiny questline.

1. Journey to the Throne of New Tunaria.

  • The zone-in is located at Thex Castle in New Tunaria -72, 96, -205 . Clicking the door will allow you to zone into a special instance (Operation Overlord).

2. Hail a sergeant -70, 67, -809 ; he'll send you to the Overlord upstairs.

3. Hail Lucan D'Lere -76, 90, -611 .

  • Following some dialog he sends you to interrogate the captive Queen Lenya Thex.

4. Hail Queen Lenya Thex in the gardens below -75, 66, -554 .

5. Hail The Palace Overseer next to the Queen -77, 66, -553 .

  • He will give you a small amount of information to report: Tell your master this, the seat of power is the valve that shall release the knowledge of the ancient one. This will be enough to keep him occupied. Now leave!
6. Hail Lucan D'Lere and report your findings.
  • He gives a clue as to how to further the quest and obtain the fabled reward: Unfortunately, your skills are not as grand as I was led to believe. However, you can redeem yourself. When my expedition is complete here, infiltrate this throne. Seek and destroy the one that keeps me from the key I seek. He has not made his presence known, but I can sense him cowering in the shadows of my overpowering radiance. Perhaps he will let himself be known when I am gone.

7. Leave the zone to collect your reward.

NOTE:These weapons can be upgraded to Fabled quality. To do so, you need to slay Mayong Mistmoore in any of his forms. There is no quest for this, simply slay Mayong in either Mistmoore's Inner Sanctum, Throne of New Tunaria, or the contested in Castle Mistmoore, then return to Sir Trodonis to receive your reward.

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OOC The title of this quest is a reference to a short story by Mark Twain, "A Conneticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court".

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