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After completing Lack of Documentation, you will receive a letter in the mail. Open this, take the a letter of summons and examine it to start the quest.

  1. Report to Captain Ghalib Elbaz at 1943.47, -298.99, 3387.23 in Paineel.
  2. He'll ask you to go to the Eye of Dartain. So, use the teleporter and go to the Launch Pad. Talk to the Temporal guide and select Eye of Dartain.
    • To the right is a large building. This is the observatory.
  3. Head over there and speak with Saihah Al'Lad. She is at 1771.43, -0.44, 4321.30 . This will finish the quest and unlocks quests offered by Quindel Far'Dorleh and Seth Xrik'Sel in addition to the continuation of the main quest series.

Lack of Documentation The Sundered Frontier
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The City of Paineel
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