A Broken Barrier  


This quest is part 1 of 6 for the Fabled version of the Warden-only Epic Weapon, Bite of the Wolf.

Starter: Examine a shifting elemental shard, dropped by a shifting ethereal elemental (80^^^) in Kunzar Jungle around -675,102,437

  • A shifting ethereal elemental Seems to spawn anywhere in Trakaraptor Alley. Reported 1 to 2 hour (approximate) respawn time, so bring some friends and a book. The mob "blinks" around the valley -- meaning it only stays in one spot for a short period of time (a few seconds) before it disappears to another spot. Track is highly recommended, and if you see it hit it immediately, as it will not wait around.
  • If you miss it, stay where it was, there is a good likelihood that it will re-appear at that locus again within 3 to 5 minutes. Killing it leaves the shard on the body, lootable only by a warden. It only drops one shard per kill.


  1. Speak to Veryn P'Neru at 444.31, -15.62, -265.25 in Darklight Wood at the Shadow Oak. She will give you four subquests to complete, which may be done simultaneously:
  2. Return to Veryn P'Neru. When you have done all the subquests she will give you the next quest.

Warden Epic Weapon
Quest Series
Broken Barrier: Elemental Bindings
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