Ring of Dain Frostreaver VI  

February 22, 2011

Speak to Dain Kalus Frostreaver the VI at 108, -346, -612 in Great Divide to begin this quest. You must complete the quest Casting a Long Shadow before he will be visible. You may also have to complete the Freeing the Dain quest first (need confirmation).

Dain Kalus Frostreaver the VI has implored me to gather a raid force and help the coldain spirits at the Ring War battlefield achieve ultimate victory over the spirits of the Kromrif. We need to defeat Narandi without the cryomancers resorting to using the Dweomer of Ice.

  1. Defeat Narandi the Enraged (x4 version) during the Echoes of the Ring War public quest. (x3 version does not update the Quest)
  2. Return to the Dain to complete the quest.
    • As per the 3/9/2011 patch notes: Kalus Frostreaver will be visible in the Ring War camp if players have completed Casting a Long Shadow.

I have defeated the Kromrif army and earned the Ring of Dain Frostreaver VI!

ZAM would like to thank Syndarin for some of the information in this article.

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