Words of a Feather  

Grants AA
Level70 (Scales)
Can Start Quest: Words of a Feather
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Game Update #55
February 16,2010
WIth GU55 this becomes part of a series
It still can be started independently. This quest teaches you to speak the Avian, Vultak and Blacktalon languages. It opens up a number of other quests, as a result. It is initiated by speaking to Turk, who is near the Teleporter in The Barren Sky at -592, -47.65, -439 . After dazzling you with linguistics he will ask you to speak to Polly in the Barren Sky at -655, 8, -517 , at the end of Windgazer's Hideout. This is up a series of climbable walls.
  1. You will start to converse with her until she sends you home because of bad behavior. Your first task after this will be to head to near the cloud landing pad for whisper wind island which is at -459, -70, -436 and toss the note over the side of the island. This can take a second or two to update so you may want to move around the edge of the island near the cloud platform till it updates.
  2. Your next task will be to return to Turk to get a forged note. However Turk will inform you that you will need to butter up the teacher by giving her a rare fruit called Cactusarii Zephryi. This fruit grows on the northern side of the island and comes from plants or bushels of the same name (around -603, 70, -629 ). You can only get 1 harvest from each plant and you will need 5 of them.
  3. After finding the fruit return to Polly to continue your lesson. Pay close attention because Turk will give you an exam at the end. After a bit more chatting she will send you back to Turk. Turk will ask two simple questions pertaining to the languages you learned and studied. The final question is a bit humorous and I won't spoil it for you. After completion you will learn the basics of the blacktalon, avian, and vultak languages.
    • The final exam answers are:
      1. Vultak
      2. Who ah uh uh huh.

Help from the Air Cloud Mount
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