Maid for the Mist - Part II  

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Min Coin: 96s, 67c
Max Coin: 1g, 7s, 97c

This is the second part of the Enchanted Lands access quest.

It requires that you are level 25 and is given by Seamist Fairy Nerina at the Nektulos docks after you complete the first quest of the series, Maid for the Mist - Part I.

You must find and slay the disguised entity from the Sea of Mist. This involves speaking to the Fishermen near the docks (Aurvill, Dralyix, Djaani). After you have done this you should wait at the tent near the docks (where Djaani and Aurvill are) until Draylix spawns and kills them. He will not aggro you immediately so if you are caught off guard, you have time.

You must kill Draylix. He's a level 30 mob, but isn't that tough.

After killing him return to Seamist Fairy Nerina and inform her of what happened. She will refer you to Captain Corrigan on the docks.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that nobody speaks to Captain Corrigan until your party is all gathered near him and ready to go. Once you follow his dialogue the Maid for the Mist Part II quest will close and everyone will be teleported to a special instanced zone called Maid for the Mist.

When you are all ready speak to the Captain and choose your reward.

Maid for the Mist - Part I Nektulos Forest
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