Mediate the Masters  

This quest initiates with Brother Pharad of the Whistling Fists Clan. He is on the first floor of the Tower of the Four Winds. (17.35, 35.76 -169.17)

In order to enter the Tower of the Four Winds and begin these quests, you must complete Improving Relations with the Locals & The Stolen Tome quests.
Then follow the instructions found here.

Ok, you're in! Now, back to Brother Pharad....

Brother Pharad asks you to join him in mediating the dispute between the representatives of the monk orders of Norrath. He sends you to the Mediation Chamber, a solo instance behind the Tower. 24,33,-178 . Zone into the Mediation Chamber and speak with Brother Pharad. Pharad asks you to convince each of the representatives that merging with or taking over another clan would be unwise.

Speak with Master Luris of the Ashen Order. You must respond correctly to get the update.

  • Response 1: The fracture within your order may cause someone to question your purpose.
  • Response 2: You should not rely upon others to make up for the resolve you lack on your own.
  • Response 3: How can you hope to benefit the world when you need someone else to solve your internal conflicts.
  • Response 4: You can not hope to be worthy of the legacy of Zan Fi until you can mend that which has been broken within your order.

Speak with Sister Shoren of the Silent Fist Clan. You must respond correctly to get the update.

  • Response 1: There is more to greatness than avoiding conflict.
  • Response 2: What has the Silent Fist Clan done to take a greater role in world events?
  • Response 3: To be truly worthy of this clan, your order needs to prove it can aid all of Norrath.
  • Response 4: You shouldn't need to join with them to fulfill your duty to Norrath. That should already be your goal.
Speak with Disciple Varlox of the Swifttail Caste. You must respond correctly to get the update.
  • Response 1: A union with the whistling fists could diminish the purity of your order.
  • Response 2: Why would you risk the strength of your order by tainting it with these humans?
  • Response 3: Acquiring knowledge with the price of losing your identity does not seem a wise trade.
  • Response 4: The strength is already within you to accomplish what you seek.
Return to Brother Pharad to claim your reward. Completion of this quest, along with The Balance of Nature, opens up access to the 2nd level of the Tower of Four Winds.

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