Burning the Black Sun Grizzly Rug  

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This quest is started by clicking on the bearskin rug on the floor which is located in the very southwest corner of Kaladim zone around ( 197, 17.76, -93 ) .

  1. Read the note in a room just down the hallway from the rug, at ( 166, 18, -91 )
  2. Collect the following components (items are auto-updates):
    • 4 blasting sticks from Grungetalon geoanimators (ring event goblins near L&L bugbear)
    • 2 blasting juice from Quaketail brewers ( -100.62, 45.49, -101.87 ) room opposite queen
    • 1 firework fungus dust from a Shrool porter (tunnels to mushroom nursery)
  3. Burn the bear rug.
    • Head back to bear rug quest starter ( 197,17.15,-83.11 ) and click on rug. When it burns then exposes trap door beneath (you can do this from hall without aggro)
    • NOTE: The rug has a long respawn timer (about 30 minutes) and can only be burned by one person at a time.

Once the quest is complete, you can burn the rug on the floor and reveal the entrance to the instanced zone, Stormguard Hall, needed for part of the signature quest series for The Stormhammer.

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