Bristlebane's Beloved  

Related Zones:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 27g, 50s
Max Coin: 31g, 10s
Cloak of Mischief
Beloved egg
Summon: Beloved of Bristlebane
Bristlebane grain
Faction Changes:

This is the final quest in the Bristlebane quest series.

Talk to Hoppert Barbinsteel. He will send you to Antonica to enter Bristlebane's Basin (This is the Shattered Vale zone point).

Once you enter talk to Iffatia Honeymeadow to update the quest. She tells you to kill 4 exotic game hunters (blue at 71 - easy to solo pull) who are trying to kill Bristlebane's Beloved.

After killing the hunters talk to Iffatia to update your quest, she will give you some grain and tell you to feed Bristlebane's beloved.

For doing this you will receive and egg, take this back to Hoppert.

Hoppert will then release your spirit from your body and send you to visit your old friends Tobel Patadash and Garby Gingham Gigglegibber to give them a good scare. (To return to your body you must click the icon that will now be in with your abilities).

Once you have done this return to Hoppert to receive your reward - some coin, your Cloak of Mischief and your god pet!

Pie Pilfering Bristlebane
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