Paying Homage to the Past  

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Paying Homage to the Past
iksar skull

This quest is given by Brood Mother Vrim Malthyk in the Scale Yard after you complete the He Said, He Said quest. This is a race specific quest.

You must complete the following tasks:

  • Break a Shissar Vase and kill the Shissar Asp that is inside of it (-15, +61)
  • Gather 5 Iksar Skulls. These are ground spawns in the Scale Yard.
  • Place the skulls in the fire (-12, +62)
  • Take the shackles from the wall next to the fire
  • Go to the end of the dock

After doing this return to Vrim for your reward.

He Said, He Said Freeport Villages
Quest Series
Race: Iksar
Scale Yard
Kill or be Killed
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