A Dangerous Game! Test of Might!  

CategoryJarsath Wastes
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 11g, 5s, 35c
Max Coin: 12g, 6s, 38c
Choice Of:
Warslick Wrap of Energy
Warslick Wrap of Faith
Warslick Wrap of Stealth
Warslick Wrap of Defense
Faction Changes:

You must have at least 24,000 (kindly) faction standing with Clan Stormshield before you will be offered this quest. Until then you will simply need to repeat the four repeatable quests.

Kror Stormshield ( 190, -21, 1102 ) has challenged me to prove my hunting skills by killing:

  1. Pharynx, an 80^ sabretooth tiger in Jarsath Wastes
    • Pharynx will spawn as you approach his location ( -20,26,696 ) Click here to go to EQ2Map , or shortly thereafter. If you don't see him there, just wait a sec... you will.
  2. Return to Kror Stormshield

Game of Aggression!
Game of Ire!
Game of Pain!
Game of Umbrage!
Jarsath Wastes
Quest Series
Danak Shipyards
Faction: Clan Stormshield
A Grim Tale Indeed!
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