Dispelling the Hate  

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Level100 (Scales)
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suspicious gem
Fires of Tranquility

This article refers to events, personae and activities that were introduced for the Shard of Hate World Event, which went live with GU44 on 4/8/2008, and ended 5/12/2008 with GU45. This record is being kept for historical purposes. Any quests from this event that are still in your quest journal should be deleted.

  1. Start the quest by speaking to a worried froglok or a worried halfling in Kelethin
  2. Offer your services to Priest Aaronolis Swornlove near Jysolin's Pub in the city of Kelethin, in Greater Faydark 238,110,348 .
  3. Aaronolis asks you to attempt to calm Isabell D'Ravius, who has been starting fights in Joleena's Restaurant in Kelethin 536,71,318 .
    • Note: If you hear fighting inside the restaurant, wait outside until the combatants exit, otherwise it seems to bug the encounter.
  4. Return to Aaronolis and report your findings. Isabell's suspicious comments point towards the involvement of Innoruuk, so you must find where his followers are hiding in Greater Faydark.
  5. Travel to the Combine Spires and find the altar of Innoruuk. Nearby is a suspicious gem -505,45,272 . Collect the gem and return to Aaronolis.
  6. The priest sends you to seek out Farra Marthen, a Sister of Peace on the Central Stump, at 324,92,335 , to see if a follower of Quellious the Tranquil can quench the hate in the stone.
  7. Farra gives you a Blessed Crate of Tranquility. You must collect 12 malefic quartz and place them in this crate to neutralize its emanations of hatred. These appear as small heaps of dirt, are found all over Greater Faydark, and they re-spawn. Some confirmed locations are:
    • 616, 0, 331 by the base of the ramp.
    • 5 on Green Knoll
      • at the base of the ramp into Kelethin 482,72,123
      • at the base of the ramp into Kelethin 473,71,129
      • by Trainer Lucien Laurel the Horse Merchant 587,45,109
      • 2 around the red acorn house, near 603,45,82
    • 2 at Druid Ring
      • 225,13,6
      • 207,13,-7
    • Behind the Old Kelethin Acorn Lift ground station, at 49,10,7
    • 3 at Sapling Spur Outpost
      • -142,9,-100
      • -115,12,-130
      • -151, 7, -122
    • Between Sapling Spur Outpost and Crossing the River Road, east edge of the path, at -134,-2,23
    • 3 at the Combine Spires
      • -412,75,290
      • -466,70,312
      • -448,86,369
    • 3 at Spire Shadow Outpost
      • by Rooleean Felodaan -443,124,491
      • behind Teriniu Featherlight's yellow tent -421,124,493
      • behind Ceft Stoutarm's yellow tent -459,124,486
    • -134,-1,23

  1. Return to Aaronolis for your reward.

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