Pilfered from Pilgrims  

  1. Head to 368.51, 275.22, 168.70 . You can invis to get the updates (remember, haruspex's see invis!), but picking them up breaks it.
  2. Inside the cave around 318.40, 227.10, 116.05 are the books you need. They are nodes marked as a collection of research manuals around the periphery of each cave.
  3. Once done, return to Ithurial Ra'Nar at the Mausoleum of Scholars.

Inside the caves you will come to a small cave with a tunnel to left and right. Both go a short distance to a much larger cave with groups 3-4 with the same composition as above ground. Gruengach in the tunnels are all strikers.

Beware! In the right-hand cave you may see Xosith the Greedy (88^^ Heroic), and down the left is Grozdan Haunthoof (88^).

Gruengach Quash The Stonebrunt Highlands
Quest Series
Mausoleum of Scholars
Scions of the Deepwater Knights
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