Meeting with Cayan  

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Min Coin: 1s
Max Coin: 1s, 18c
courier's pouch

Maareona Ludimintium has asked for my help in tracking down an undelivered relic. She believes this relic, whether or not it has actual power, can be used to undermine the work she has been doing in Qeynos to better the lives of her people. She has sent me to a man named Cayan Sable, who she believes will be able to help.

  1. Inspect a wood bench at 767.94, -24.87, 319.73 to climb up.
  2. Speak to Cayan Sable ( 757.97, -20.38, 313.37 ) .
    • He asks you to collect Red Sun Berries, which are scattered around Starcrest.
    • Once you speak with him to leave the area you will have to right click on the bush to the right of him to climb down.
  3. The Red Sun Berries are in Bushes. Right-click them and harvest the berries. You will have to collect 10 of them. This will also work on your harvesting skills.
  4. Once you have collected all 10 return to Cayan Sable via the bench.
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Race: Eurdite
Starcrest Commune
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