Nap Time for Evigis  

CategoryFrostfang Sea
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Related Items:
Gerla's Elemental Lullaby
Min Coin: 17s, 22c
Max Coin: 18s, 25c
Woven Rug of Prosperity
Choice Of:
Forged Dagger
Forged Mace
Forged Staff
Forged Knuckles
Forged Sword

Game Update #56
Halas Reborn
May 25, 2010

Speak to Torli Blackbow in the White Lodge to begin this quest.

  1. Head to the underwater cave at 49.89, -108.66, 380.89 and go through it.
  2. Now head to the tunnel at -27.25, -67.55, 148.57 and go through the Velinoid Catacombs to Evigis' Chamber.
  3. Beat Evigis the Ancient down to 20% life and then use Gerla's Elemental Lullaby on him.
  4. Return to Torli Blackbow at the White Lodge to complete the quest.

Seeking Elemental Education Frostfang Sea
Quest Series
White Lodge
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