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young plant shoot
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young plant shoot
young plant shoot

  1. Gather young plant shoots from around Toxxulia's Reach. The young shoots look like a tall dense cluster of green and purple leaves. You can find them near the Toxxulia Forest launch pad. There are one or two aggressive mobs in the area, but their pathing does eventually take them away from the shoots.
    • 421.06,132.48,2550.92
    • 404.23,132.83,2559.41
    • 350.89,136.18,2588.48
    • 349.11,133.77,2598.40
    • 377.47,141.32,2572.38
  2. Return to Oolioomon for your reward.

This quest is the Tuesday task for the Craftkeeper's daily tradeskill missions, and can be repeated every Tuesday.

OOC The name of this quest refers to a popular (and funny) puncutation guide, Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation.

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