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CategoryFens of Nathsar
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shatterweed elixir bottle
Min Coin: 17g, 22s, 36c
Max Coin: 18g, 25s, 39c
Faction Changes:

a shatterweed plant
a shatterweed plant
Find 8 vials of fish oil by killing Yha-lei fishmen, and 6 sprigs of shatterweed among the rocks and out-of-the way places of the area the scouts are in, and combine this with the elixir given to you. Then administer the elixir to the 4 scouts and return to Vorzalka.

  1. Vorzalka gives you the elixir
  2. Find the oil and herb
    • Kill Yha-lei fishmen until you find 8 vials of fish oil.
    • Collect 6 sprigs of shatterweed
      • The shatterweed plants can be found throughout the rhino/cockatrice/sabretooth area on the north side of the southern part of the Sathirian Highway between Kylong Post and Sathir's Span Post. It appears as a very scraggly bush, with no name over it, and cannot be tab-targetted. They seem to spawn randomly but always near a rock, tree or wall.
  3. Administer the elixir to the 4 stricken scouts in the order shown below. You do not have to actually combine the ingredients.
    1. Outrider Aerkun at 424,-22,1191
    2. Outrider Bewin at 164,-64,993
    3. Outrider Wyrlyk at 639,10,1290
    4. Outrider Clazkaer at 296,-47,1055
  4. Return to Vorzalka and report your success

Mystic Advice Fens of Nathsar
Quest Series
Bathezid's Watch
Warding Blood
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