Party's Over  

CategoryTower of Frozen Shadow
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your observations about the barrier
a tattered old page
Min Coin: 41g, 63s, 17c
Max Coin: 46g, 70s, 18c
Choice Of:
Rug of the Furious
Rug of the Scorned

  1. Approach the door barrier at -9, 357, -100 until you receive an Emote and the Quest Party's Over.
  2. Obtain the note in the locked chest at 51, 358, -128
  3. Obtain the key from a rotting dancer at -73, 364, -128
  4. Go back to the door barrier again and type /listen, you will see the quest update with the next command you are to type. If you miss you on screen journal flashing you can look at the quest itself in your journal and it will tell you the next command it is looking for.
  5. I do not recall the exact order but the commands are
    • /listen
    • /ponder
    • /flourish
    • /square
  6. Speak to the ghost at 3, 353, -45 to compelte the quest.

Tower of Frozen Shadow
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Not Him Again
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