Coin for the Captain  

CategoryButcherblock Mountains
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Min Coin: 22s, 51c
Max Coin: 22s, 68c

Dockmaster Waulon has asked that you give a sack of coins to Captain Stonnacky. The Dockmaster explained that the sack contains the payroll for the Captain's crew.

You need to deliver the coins to Captain Stonnacky, who is found at 652,24,528 . When you give him the coins, he will give you a subquest entitled Captain Says!" which must be completed before you progress any further. Once you finish Captain Says! you are able to turn in this quest.

Return to Dockmaster Waulon to finish the quest and receive your reward.

Dock Delinquency Butcherblock Mountains
Quest Series
Butcherblock Docks
Nautical Disaster
Captain Says!
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