Brewing Trouble  

CategoryLongshadow Alley

Aledra asks you to collect an alchemical component from Kalraath L'Vin at -5, 3, 62 . Bring the Alchemical Medium to her.

Aledra quizzes you before giving you the next quest:

  • Q: First, who is it that we are after?
    • A: A Teir'Dal named Teah.
  • Q: Now, why exactly are we doing this?
    • A: Because Teah brings shame to the name Teir'Dal
  • Q: Now where do you need to leave this?
    • A: I need to leave it at the vendor booth where you can purchase food.

A Lesson to Learn Freeport Villages
Quest Series
Race: Dark Elf
Longshadow Alley
A Lesson Learned
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