Clefts of Rujark Creature Cataloging  

Grants AA
Level60 (Scales)
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This is a catalog quest. It is initiated by reading the book of the same name, which can be purchased from an NPC in each of the three faction houses (Court of the Blades, Coin or Truth).

You must catalog (using the catalog skill) the following monsters in The Clefts of Rujark:

  • Crushbone Caller
  • Crushbone Necrolyte
  • Crushbone Reaver
  • Deathfist Battleguard (one roams near 72, 60, -177)
  • Deathfist Brute
  • Deathfist Butcher (0, 60,-185)
  • Deathfist Savage (near battleguard)
  • Deathfist Scalper
  • Marrowjaw Cackler
  • Marrowjaw Howler
  • Steelslave Cook (8, -5, -170)
  • Steelslave Taskmaster (+71.93, -2.89, +172.32 in the Commisary)
  • Steelslave Toiler
  • Watcher of Ferocity
  • Watcher of Valor

The reward is a furniture version of the book, which can be placed in your house and read.

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