Quenching Their Thirst  

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Min Coin: 2s, 67c
Max Coin: 2s, 97c

This is the first in a series of quests from Madam Vi at the Crossroads ( -472.09, -44.88, -293.00 ) in the Commonlands. You must visit three locations to fill some water jugs:

  • Jug of Sea Water - Enter the water near the mariners bell in Commonlands (jump in sea at -1056.41, -145.45, -634.32 )
  • Jug of River Water - Enter the river west of Crossroads (jump in river near -12.00, -46.80, -417.76 )

  • Jug of Lake Water - enter the water at Pride Lake (jump in pride lake at 537.02, -49.98, -398.14 )

The reward is coin and experience, as well as opening up the Far From Home quest.

Quest Series
The Crossroads
Far From Home
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