Marr's Chosen  

CategoryWorld Event
Required Mobs:
Blessing of Marr's Chosen
Hero of Kugup

This quest is given by Chief Kaorf in the Lost Village of Kugup after Frogloks have been unlocked on your server.

The quest itself is essentially just a raid event. You must free the spirits from within the Temple of Cazic-Thule. If you have this quest you will gain access to an instanced raid in Cazic-Thule. The reward of this quest is the loot table from the raid.

Once inside you must clear the entire top floor of the dungeon. After this you can clear the lower levels. Once it is all clear Venekor and other raid mobs will spawn. There will also be a new ghost Froglok in the Xiggalg the Fearfiend room who you can speak to in order to advance the quest.

This quest results in the title of Hero of Kugup and grants a 12 hour buff called Blessing of Marr's Chosen that adds 250 hit points and power temporarily.

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