Imperiled Druid Ring  

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rosemary of Growth
basil of Growth
sage of Growth
Tunare's field altar
Summon: Friend of Growth
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This is the third in the Tunare deity quest series.

Kurista will give you a Tunare's field altar, which you need to keep with you for later in the quest.

Travel to Antonica, to the entrance to the Hidden Vale, which is at -2183, 55.61, 939.23 . Run up the narrow passageway into the Hidden Vale, and then turn left and head to the large clickable boulder at -2185, 55, 935 .
Inspect this boulder and move it, which zones you into an instance called Imperiled Druid Ring. This instance is solo (groupmates cannot come with you), and is scaled to your level, up to level 70 max. (If you are 79+ the mobs will be grey and usually only one mob at each idol will auto-attack).

Once inside, you will need to kill the Hatemonger guards, evil Teir`Dal, Trolls, and other such unpleasent minions of Innoruuk in order to destroy the three idols. The amplifier idols must be dealt with in order, and are at the following three locations in the instance :-

    • South Amplifier Idol at -2455, 19, 35
    • East Amplifier Idol at -2595, 19, -30
    • North Amplifier Idol at -2512, 17, -113

Once the amplifier idols are destroyed, next you must harvest one each of the following three items in this instance. These are straightforward to find, and they all look just like little bushes.

    • basil of Growth
    • sage of Growth
    • rosemary of Growth

Go to the centre of the druid ring for an update. This is at loc -2529, 16, -47 .
This spot has a totem planted at it, in the middle of some burning bones on the ground. From there you can see a grey stone table close by. Move that stone table to the exact centre of the druid ring, amongst the burning bones.

Examine the Tunare's field altar in your inventory, given to you by Eva at he start of the quest. Choose the option to combine the herbs, and then pray for Tunare's blessings. This purifies the druid ring, and resurrects the druid who was defending the grove before the Teir`Dal attacked.

Return to Eva Corunno`thes in Kelethin. She will reward you with +5000 Faction with Tunare and with a spell scroll to summon your Friend of Growth deity pet.

This opens up the next quest in the series, The Priestess of Lesser Faydark

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The Priestess of Lesser Faydark
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