A Wizard's Demise  

Zaveda wants you to travel to Fallen Gate and search out clues as to the whereabouts of a Thexian Wizard.

The first step is to ask around about the group of Tier'Dal. Speak to Marlia Safefoot. She is at the first gate, to the right if you're coming from the CL entrance. Basically the opposite side as the Sarge.

She will confirm that there was a group of Teir'Dal who went into FG. Next you need to find their remains. These are found in the first big room you come to, that has the gloom snakes. Stick to the right when entering this room, and go down into the pit where the serpents are. There is a skeleton near a rock, and you should get an automatic update. ( 89, 5, -75 )

The next step is to find three seals, as evidence of their findings. The journal simply says "I need to find the defeated explorers and recover signs of Thexian artifacts." and "I need to find three seals." You can obtain these pieces by killing Fallen Explorers in the Fallen Gate.

After this you must follow the footsteps of the wizard by the pool to find the lost wizard. You do this by walking around the pool area until the wizard (22^^^ with two 22^ familiars) spawns (he triggered for us when we walked near where Shadowfang spawns). You must kill him. This will result in a Bloodstained Letter which you can read to update your quest.

After this return to Zaveda for your rewards.

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