None Shall Pass!  

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a crate of coin

  • Zone: The Thundering Steppes
  • Started By: Turgen Bremhurst, just north of the Bridge Keep gates ( 198, -1, -254 )
  • Level: 20

Turgen Bremhurst at the Bridge Keep gate has asked for my assistance in securing the area from a marauding highwayman before he allows the gates to be opened at night.


a highwayman
a highwayman
  • Turgen asked me to visit each of the four guard towers and bring him their most recent reports. There are two guard towers on the road north of Bridge Keep and two guard towers on the road south.
    • I must collect the most recent report from each of the four guard towers. (Note: Click the report board just inside of each guard tower for your update.)
      • Guard Tower 1: 165.22,-2.82,-786.86 , just south of the Antonica Griffon Tower
      • Guard Tower 2: 388.60,13.62,-516.19 , just north of Bridge Keep
      • Guard Tower 3: -229.10,-0.35,38.67 , just south of Bridge Keep
      • Guard Tower 4: -194.28,-0.75,492.10 , next to the SE Griffon Tower
  • Turgen Bremhurst is awaiting these reports at the northern Bridge Keep gate.
    • I must return to Turgen with the reports.
  • Turgen suggested that I search the sofa cushions in his cabin for spare change. (Note: Turgen's "cabin" is the stone mini-tower just northwest of him. Click on the green sofa inside.)
    • I must obtain some coins to use as bait for the highwayman.
  • I should place the bait where the path bends at the top of the hill, beyond the guard tower south of Bridge Keep. ( -188.40,13.18,115.52 )
    • I must defeat the highwayman by using the coin as bait. (The highwayman will be an even con one down arrow fight.) He will scale to your current level as well.
  • Turgen Bremhurst awaits my report Bridge Keep's north gate.
    • I must return to Turgen Bremhurst to report that the highwayman has been eliminated.


Completing this quest allows you to open the Bridge Keep gates at night.

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