Testing the Gauntlet  

This quest is offered to by Battle Master Dolak after completing In Honor of Restoration.

Battle Master Dolak of the Gwalnax Brigade has asked me to test some of the defenses of the tunnel leading towards the palace of Chardok. Should my small team of adventurers survive, then surely a small platoon of Sathirians would be able to make it through this gauntlet.

  1. Slay Caroeth vanquishers and claim their Caroeth banded girdle.
  2. Slay Caroeth ridgeguard assassins and claim their Caroeth stilettos.
  3. Destroy imperial golems and claim their clay hearts.
  4. Destroy enchanted barricades and claim their enchanted gems.
  5. Destroy imperial ramparts and claim their chest rune.
  6. Bring the proof of the gauntlet run to Battle Master Dolak at Gwalnax Tower outside of Chardok.

My brave party of heroes made it through the gauntlet of defenses between the Hall of Clay and the Palace of Chardok. Returning with proof of my victory, Battle Master Dolak was quite pleased. He is sure that a small platoon of Sathirian agents could make it to the palace.

In Honor of Restoration Kylong Plains
Quest Series
Gwalnax Brigade Tower
Faction: The Gwalnax Brigade
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