Far Seas Supply Division - Restocking the Stores  

Level80 (Scales)
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tuft of beaver fur
fresh clam
Far Seas Trading Company Token
Faction Changes:

Mission Info
Group Tradeskill Solo
Level 50 to 80
Expires in 7 days
1 FSTC Token
Shadow Odyssey Tradeskill Missions
Tradeskill Solo

This is a harvesting quest that sends you around the Isle of Mara and into the Mystic Woods to help restock supplies. Click on the Desk next to the Supply Cupboard at -94.21, 3.49, 104.75 to receive this quest.

You will need to gather:

  • 10 Clams: The Village of Shin, Luk Ki Island 150, -2, 20
  • 10 Rice stalks: The Village of Shin in the rice paddies -68, 14, -138
  • 10 Kindling: The Mystic Lake, Mystic Woods (on ground near tree trunks)
  • 10 Barnacles: The Mystic Lake, Mystic Woods (use climbing wall at 33, -37, 58 & along the water line)
  • 10 Tufts of Beaver Fur: The Mystic Lake, Mystic Woods 124, -38, 68 - they look like shinies.
Even the Mystic Woods portions of this should be safe for crafters who are low-level adventurers, apart from on PVP servers where it is unlimited. For the Barnacles, the Tomb Protectors have a very small agro range. Stay along the water's edge and you should be safe - the barnacles have a pretty fast respawn time. With the Kindling, either dodge the aggro pirates, or stay in the Mystic Guardians area (neutral as long as you haven't killed any) and maybe have to wait a bit on respawn.

When done, remember to head back to the Far Seas building in Mara and turn in the quest at the armoire.

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