Hints of an Alliance  

Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 2g, 20s, 65c
Max Coin: 3g, 23s, 72c

Speak to Areth Windvell at The Ruined Homestead.

  1. Kill Kromise giants until you get a quest update. The Kromise hermit roaming Guardian's Gulch can give this update, as can any of the Kromise giants.
  2. Kill icegill goblins until you get a quest update. Icegill anglers, shifters and lurkers can give this update, icegill whelps and fishers do not.an
  3. Return to Areth.

Collapse the Caverns Everfrost
Quest Series
The Ruined Homestead
And Your Goblin Too!
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