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Spirit Reaper
Min Coin: 92c
Max Coin: 1s, 2c
Choice Of:
Protector's Shortbow
Hunter's Shortbow
Chipped Totem
Worn Holy Symbol
Brawler's Bandoleer
Thug's Bandoleer

Laexyra Y'Barriath wants you to trap the pure spirit of fallen soldiers.

  1. Head just south of the outpost to where the fallen rangers and rotting cadavers are.
  2. There will be a pure spirit all over this area. They look like floating blue-green skulls.
  3. Target these and right-click the Spirit Reaper in your inventory to use it on them. Do this to 5 of the spirits.
  4. Return to Laexyra when you are done.

A Friendly Reminder Darklight Wood
Quest Series
T'Vatar Post
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