Removing the Skar from this Land  

CategoryKunzar Jungle
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 13g, 64s, 58c
Max Coin: 14g, 71s, 65c
Choice Of:
Rilissian Choker of Fangs
Rilissian Choker of Poison Vines
Rilissian Choker of Scales
Rilissian Choker of Blossoms
Faction Changes:

Kill Skar ( -600, -73, 528 ) , a trakaraptor in Trakaraptor Alley just north of Outer Sebilis.

Bringing Down Tangor Kunzar Jungle
Quest Series
Snake Eye's Hunting Camp
Faction: Outer Sebilis Residents
Bringing Down the Brutes
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