Vida Needs a New Broom  

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Min Coin: 50c
Max Coin: 66c
Dusty Blue Stone

Game Update #64
Qeynos Rises
July 24, 2012

Vida Sweeps in Qeynos Province District (Qeynos Harbor) ( 948.63, -25.27, 103.93 ) needs someone to pick up a new broom . She will reward you with a Strange Blue Stone if you would run to Coldwind Coast Stables in Qeynos Capitol District and pick it up from Tawli Whiskwind.

Visit Tawli at 433.36, -20.34, 235.49 in Qeynos Capitol District. Get the broom. Return to Vida for your reward. She will give you a Dusty Blue Stone and tell you that it may be useful to a mineral expert. The mineral expert is Gruffin Goldtooth in The Elddar Grove. Speak to him to open the Dusty Blue Stone quest.

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The Dusty Blue Stone
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