Sabotage: Melted  

Level100 (Scales)
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This is a sabotage quest given by Gil McMartin at -923, -48, 14 in The Commonlands. All of these quests take place in the main parts of Freeport (East Freeport, North Freeport, South Freeport and West Freeport).

The safest way to reach the city is to travel to any of the Freeport Districts by using the city bell on the docks in The Commonlands. Then enter The Thieves' Way and exit from the city zone grates. There will be many high level wandering and stationary guards that you will need to avoid while traversing the city zones.

You have 30 minutes to steal 1 test tube of acid and destroy 5 boxes of tin. The test tubes are a random spawn that looks like a set of vials on a wooden rack, usually found near merchants. The tin is in chests of dark weathered wood with a peaked lid and randomly spawn just about anywhere.

Return to Gil McMartin when you are done.

Qeynos Betrayal and Citizenship
Quest Series
City Sabotage

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