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The Book of Baylzuthak

The quest is triggered by talking to a fairy called Dyrilisia within the dungeon of Runnyeye Citadel at -97.85, 1, -70.54 . This quest is the access quest for The Overlord's Throne Room.

The first step is to examine a puddle of gunk at -84, 1, -117 .

Next, kill the Gorehorn, Hammerhead, at 3, -6, -195 . You will receive a Hornlet Charm.

Give the Hornlet Charm to Dyrilisia. You must then talk to a junk heap called Rubbish down in the Runnyeye Chef's room at 85, -16, -233 . He is actually a scarecrow.

Now inspect a pile of books at 205, -41, -138 . This is in the tunnel past the dining hall (behind Drina the Mess Cook), near the forge on the left as you enter the room. They give some options of the book types and spawns some mobs including The Book of Baylzuthak. Kill them all.

After they die you receive a LORE/NO DROP book. Read it. You will then be told to speak to Duke Zoryll. He is an NPC Evil Eye who roams the zone.

He will ask you to kill the Thing of Shattered Iron. It is located in the room with the torturers, at 216, -16, +32 . Kill him and return to the Duke.

Lastly, you must move to the entrance of The Overlord's Throne Room (aka Runnyeye B) to complete the quest.

Hint: move back away from the door of The Overlord's Throne Room and jumping up on the ledge at about 174.16, -16.07, -221.22 . (This is before you will enter Throne Room instance, back in main Runnyeye on ledge left side of the door)

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