History of the Ayr'Dal, Part II  

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This quest is initiated by reading the book The History of Ayr'Dal and choosing to Read Story 2 after completing the first quest. You must visit three locations. After visiting each read the book to receive the next destination:

  1. Visit The Grave Pool west of the Cove of Decay at -5.6, -22.1, 831 in The Thundering Steppes. Read the book again.
  2. Visit Coldwind Point at 340, -17, 739 in Antonica. Read the book again.
  3. Visit The Last Stand at -373, 0, 758 in The Thundering Steppes.

After reading the book upon completing the third step, this quest will close. Examine the book again and choose to Read Story 3 to open the next quest.

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