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CategoryThe Moors of Ykesha
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dusky gold fauna stalker dust
Min Coin: 22g, 11s, 70c
Max Coin: 25g, 12s, 77c
Faction Changes:

  1. Collect components for the airship fuel
    • Collect 4 dusky gold fauna stalker dust from dusky gold fauna stalker. (updates quest without going into inventory!)
      • The elusive dusky gold fauna stalker has very few and widely scattered spawn locations, and it will appear as you approach and a second later it will stealth!
        • -115,-83,-476 - just out side the gates to Grobb
        • -192,-78,-711 - along the path to Grobb
        • 77,-62,297 - at the base of the path up to Brokenskull Loft
        • 322,54,358 - along the path up to Brokenskull Loft
    • Collect 5 ykeshan soft coal from near Brokenskull Loft
      • These deposits are quite large and appear along the path to the Loft from the base of the path on up to the first camp area.
        • 312,75,416
        • 334,83,440
        • 313,35,313
        • 251,21,317
        • 198,-17,253
  2. Return to Grunty

If you have the Brokenskull Disguise from Soko-what? you can walk right up to the pirates and kill them with no consequence and in near-perfect safety.

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