Court of the Coin: Running the Business  

This quest is given by Neriph, Caliph of the Coin after you complete the Court of the Coin: Maimun's Gifts quest.

Neriph has heard how upset Maimun is at being rebuffed by the Lady he was wooing. He explains why he keeps Maimun around but is pleased that you have Maimun so ticked off (Maimun growls and groans every time he sees you).

He knows he isn't doing as good a job as his father did and accepts your offer to help. He thinks redecorating will help.

  1. Kill a Blades tower captain and a Truth tower captain.
  2. Collect 20 shade prowler pelts from The Sinking Sands (in Oasis of Marr).
  3. Collect 20 sunstrider gazelle pelts from The Pillars of Flame (near the Swiftrider camp).
  4. Take the pelts to Neriph and report.
  5. Collect tax money from Ahzeem the Bartermaster in The Golden Scepter.
  6. Collect tax money from Honest Ali at the docks in Sinking Sands.
  7. Collect tax money from Gaazahl the Merchant in Maj'Dul, near the carpet at -231, 160, -110 . When you ask him for the taxes two Gaazahl's Thugs (level 53v) will attack you. Once you have killed them, Gaazahl will pay up.
  8. Collect 20 caimen skulls in Sinking Sands. They are an uncommon update from any of the crocodiles in the zone, including the hatchlings.
  9. Take the tax money and caiman skins back to Neriph.
  10. Hire Preceptor Jazeel in Maj'Dul at the Champion's Court. ( 29.84, 137.14, 215.91 )
  11. Kill Preceptor Kamal (53^^^) in Maj'Dul, near Champion's Court. He may wander. ( 9, 158, 44 )
  12. Return to Neriph to complete the quest.

Court of the Coin: Maimun's Gifts Maj'Dul
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