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This quest begins by hailing Ulgofar Wisme, a ratonga merchant in the Outsider's Landing section of the Village of Shin. -66.28, -2.26, 132.07 . You are required to visit a number of locations around the zone. While the quest text says "examine", just moving into the general area will give you the update.

  • Examine an urn beside the Nurwin home on the Courtyard of Hope. -1.92, 16.10, -90.14
  • Examine the small urn outside the storage house near Dragon Turtle's Footstep. -19.27, 11.11, -74.80
  • Examine the container near the pigsty. -47.74, 2.76, -30.06
  • Examine one of the urns near the fisher's hut by Mara Beach. -2.20, 0.80, 1.88
  • Examine the pallet of sacks near the House of Augren. 41.30, 8.23, -46.12
  • Examine the urn inside the home of Arellia Augren. 75.40, 8.65, -71.92
  • Examine a covered barrel in the courtyard of the House of Ventur. 7.20, 16.19, -78.83
  • Examine the stacked wooden container inside the Nurwin house on the Courtyard of Hope. -12.57, 14.95, -102.95
  • Examine a small sack in the the supply hut beside the Middle Fields. -46.85, 12.18, -112.75
  • Examine canvas sacks in the House of Nurwin. -170.29, 7.20, -173.32 NE side of map near Ent. to Mystic Lake
Return to Ulgofar Wisme to claim your reward. Examining Geomancy opens up the next quest.

You can now speak to Ulgofar Wisme in Mara and get another Geomancy book if you no longer have your first one.

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Living Geomancy
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