The Mysterious Drafling  

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Treedin's Mystical Symbol
Treedin's Skinning Knife

This quest gives access to the Tower of the Drafling. It is given by Bindo Halfbottom at the Fools Gold in Rivervale (first big building when you enter from Enchanted Lands at -80, -15, -22 ) at level 30.

The first order of business is to rescue Treedin Merrythorn who is captive in the old mill in Enchanted Lands ( -3, 3, -623 ). The halfling is upstairs on the second floor. You will not be able to speak to him until you clear the group of goblins that is guarding him. After freeing him the quest journal will update and he will run to Rivervale.

After doing this return to Bindo Halfbottom in Rivervale. He will send you to speak to Treedin Merrythorn in Rivervale. He can be found at -101.04, -24.95, -89.45 in the Food on Foot .

Treedin will send you to The House of Circles to search for clues. This is up in the Nightblood/Lamia portion of the zone at -818.13, -7.36, -115.56 . When you reach the house four Vale Destroyers will spawn and attack you. Kill them.

After killing them enter the house and examine all three stacks of interactive books. These are semi-well hidden as the whole area is nothing but books. Just keep searching until you find all three. After this a book will spawn, speak with it.

You will then be asked to kill Alegos the Betrayer ( -824, 7, -201 ), Xelindros the Fearbringer and Demeroth the Gnawer in Rivervale. These are all three named Nightbloods, not far from the House of Circles (they should spawn for you when you are working on this quest). Once they are dead return to speak to Treedin.

Treedin will send you to speak to Mister Jumtum in Antonica at -1454, -14, 13 . He will then send you back to Treedin who will send you to the Tower of the Drafling. He will meet you at the entrance at -480.85, 21.33, 39.8 . Speak to him to complete the quest and receive your reward and access to the tower.

Game Update #57
August 18, 2010
From the GU57 Patch Notes: "The named nightbloods required for “The Mysterious Drafling” quest should now spawn automatically if you are on the quest, and will not appear at all if you are not."

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