Mysterious Machine  

CategoryPeat Bog
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arcanic beacon
Min Coin: 92c
Max Coin: 1s, 2c
Faction Changes:

Lieutenant Dawson asks you to find some kind of machine in the water. The machine is located at 674.83, -35.94, 498.84 near the center of the lake.

Inspect the machine and attach the arcanic beacon. A gnoll machinist will spawn and attack you (level 8, soloable). He will attack whether or not you're invisible, so clearing the pond of agro might be wise.

After killing the machinist, quickly attach the beacon for you update. Hail Lieutenant Dawson again to finish the quest and claim your reward. This opens up a quest called "Ambushed".

Reclaiming the Bog Qeynos Villages
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The Peat Bog
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