Queue's Blyzurite  

CategoryKylong Plains
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blyzurite speckled ore
Min Coin: 8g, 11s, 18c
Max Coin: 9g, 12s, 19c
Faction Changes:

Collect some blyzurite for Queue from the Wurm Caves to the west.

  1. Collect 7 blyzurite speckled ore from nodes inside the Wurm Caves.
    • There are 3 caves in the walls of the valley, and each cave has 2-3 elder wurms inside. You will have to kill at least a few of them to collect the ore, unless you wait for respawns on the nodes near the entrances, and the wurms see invis.
  2. Return to Queue with the ore.

Di'zok Intelligence: Queue's Plan Kylong Plains
Quest Series
Final Retrieval
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