Late for Supplies  

Grants AA
CategoryEnchanted Lands
Related Zone:
Min Coin: 99s, 57c
Max Coin: 1g, 10s, 97c
velium cluster
Choice Of:
Stalker's Girdle of the Mist
Medium's Girdle of the Mist
Defender's Girdle of the Mist
Healer's Girdle of the Mist

This quest is given by Seher Beanbrewer in the Enchanted Lands ( 286, 4, -212 ) .

She asks you to bring supplies to the miners in a mine on the north shore of Enchanted Lands. The entrance is at -45, 2, -1104 . This is a pretty dangerous area. You must fight your way through level 36-37 Corrupted Miners to get to the Miners.

Once there speak to Miner Gurgin at -113, -7, -1123 to deliver the supplies. Then return to Seher Beanbrewer for your reward.

Enchanted Lands
Quest Series

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