Listening in for Qeynos  

Level100 (Scales)
Is Race: ratonga
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Speak to Corporal Henk Rimebreaker at -99, -24, 184 in South Freeport.

A Listenomitron
A Listenomitron

  1. You receive 4 Listenomitrons to place at strategic locations around Freeport. The places are marked on your map.
    • Place one in the Freeport Registrar (East Freeport) at -112, -37, 42 .
    • Place one on the third floor of the Militia Guard House (West Freeport) at 155, 1, 123
    • Place one on the upper level of The Academy Of Arcane Science (North Freeport) on a table at -1, 7, -121 .
    • Place one on the docks in South Freeport at -285, -58, 142 .
  2. Speak to Izzay Meestere at -118, -21, -69 inside The Jade Tiger's Den in North Freeport to complete the quest.

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