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CategoryForest Ruins
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Will of Ulinir
Scholar's Helm
Malportent Rapier
Contention's Point
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This is part of the Forest Ruins progressional series. It is given by Acting Lieutenant Germain 900,0,-576 after you complete the 'Uncover the Caches' quest.

You must head back to the original bush and sprinkle nullification dust on it again 1116,0,-742 . This will once again spawn the camp 1158,-21,-741 . This time though you must right click the tent and set it on fire. This will spawn Reconnoiterer Malox and a Rockpaw Thug. Kill them and return to Germain.

This opens up the 'Reinforcements' quest.

Uncover the Caches Qeynos Villages
Quest Series
The Forest Ruins
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