The Stormhammer  

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The Stormhammer
The Stormhammer of Legend
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The quest starts by talking to Commander O.C. Irontoe in the tower in Irontoe Fort West after reading the book from the previous quest.


  1. Visit Stormguard Hall in Kaladim at 183, 17, -97
  2. Find the entrance to the lower levels of Stormguard Hall, aka the Haunted Vaults, at 196, 17, -94 .
    • Do the Burning the Black Sun Grizzly Rug quest to get into the vault. If you have done this quest before, you will have to do it again or you can pan your camera down and click the hatch underneath the rug. To get the key to the vault kill the Terrok warlord in the room to the south. Now enter the Haunted Vaults.
  3. Click the red chest in the room on the 3rd door on the left hand side 179, 18, -60 .
  4. Kill the 3 skeletons in the room on the last door on the right hand side 197, 17, -95 . Hail the ghosts spawning when they are dead. You will receive 3 sub-quests:
  5. After completing the 3 subquests, return to the Haunted Vaults, there is a 16 hour lock out on it so find somthing elese to do for a while, and kill the 3 ghosts in the throne room to spawn the quest NPCs to turn in the subquests. Each will give you part of a key, which opens the chest in the vault ( 179,18, -60 ) .
  6. Open he chest in the vault to get the marching order.
  7. Speak with Commander O.C. Irontoe at Fort Irontoe ( -200, 221, -117 ) .
  8. After taking the marching orders to Fort Irontoe, you must return to Kaladim to -37, 25, -99 where the ghost of Xicotl will spawn. Kill him then return to OC Irontoe to collect your reward.


The Hammer of Below The Stormhammer
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