Extracting the Defector  

Level100 (Scales)
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Note: The infiltration quests require you to enter parts of Freeport that have many high level guards. You can reach these parts of the city via The Thieves' Way, but be observant of wandering guards in the area.

Speak to Gil McMartin at -923, -48, 14 in The Commonlands about really wanting to prove your loyalty to Qeynos to begin this quest.

  1. You need to sneak into South Freeport to help a defector escape. Take the Thieves' Way grate from the Commonlands to get here.
    • Alternatively, if you have access to a prestige house based in Freeport, you can exit to South Freeport from that home and only have to dodge two guards.
  2. Once inside South Freeport, run to -158.91, -34.60, 153.89 . Be aware of guards on the way there.
  3. Click the trapdoor to zone into The Defector and hail the troll (a Militia trooper) to your right. This will let you pass through the instance without killing anyone.
  4. Hail a Militia Captain at the back of the instance ( 0.06, -1.21, -38.47 ) . He will attack you! This will also set the entire zone as aggro and give you a 15 minute timer.
  5. Make your way to -7.69, 5.54, -23.80 killing any mobs you need to in order to make your escape. If you don't clear the zone, be careful with AOE's! Once there, click the tree to make your escape.
  6. Return to Gil McMartin at -923.36, -47.93, 13.84 in The Commonlands to complete the quest.
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