Of Scribes and Sentries  

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CategoryPillars of Flame
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Staff of Sacrifices
Flamepriest's Focus
Short Bow of the Promised Land
Bow of the Pillars
Pouch of the Pillars
Faction Changes:

For the Ashen Order, speak to Shu Fang Qi - Northeast part of the Pillars of Flame.

For the Ashen Disciples, speak to Shing Ho for the quest Of Sentries and Scribes.

  1. Speak to Fai Long south of Scrawling Cliffs in The Pillars of Flame at 271, -81, -760
  2. Inspect a skeleton near Fai Long at the river ( 291, -104, -732 ) .
  3. Two level 56 Desert spirits appear. You do not have to kill them, and they will not aggro if they con gray.
  • Return to the NPC from whom you obtained the quest.

Sandscrawler Debacles (Ashen Order) Pillars of Flame
Quest Series
Faction: Ashen Order
Fallen From Beauty (Ashen Order)
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