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CategoryThe Stonebrunt Highlands
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travel pack
Min Coin: 35g, 70s, 61c
Max Coin: 39g, 77s, 68c
Choice Of:
Moonfield Boots of the Traveler
Slobberjaw-Soaked Boots
Moonfield Boots
Moonfield Boots of the Wayfarer
Moonfield Tonlets
Shahli's Silent Slippers
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  1. The pack seems to move around. Just be careful of aggro. Note: The howling slobberjaws can see through invis! Reported locations include:
    • -148, 390, 1485
    • -210, 390, 1504
    • -185, 387, 1466
    • -211, 384, 1472
  2. Return to Ziya at -443.91, 372.34, 1457.56 .

The Stonebrunt Highlands
Quest Series
Intercontinental Temporal Station
Moonfield Hamlet
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