Amdo's Defenses  

CategoryGreat Divide
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 14g, 90s, 39c
Max Coin: 15g, 99s, 44c
Choice Of:
Mammoth Hide Pouch
Petrified Sequoia Longbow
Unnaturally Tense Shortbow
Symbol of the Seer
Deacon's Symbol

You must first complete Gyatso's quest, Reverence for Life, before you can receive this quest.

Speak to Amdo at 303,-15,512 within the Goahmari Village in Great Divide to begin this quest. He will not speak to you if you are currently using a Rime illusion buff.

  1. Steal 8 weapons from the Order of Rime. These are obtained by clicking on weapon racks in Rime camps, such as the ones around the Oubliette of the Rime and the Order of Rime Battlecamp. Known locations:
    • -189,-335,450
    • -201,-335,435
    • -203,-334,440
    • -200,-335,423
    • -128,-347,306
    • -128,-347,298
    • -142,-336,378
    • -143,-336,381
    • -139,-336,389
    • -59,-325,401
    • -77,-325,426
  2. Return to Amdo to complete the quest.

Completing this quest opens up Amdo's next quest as well as Stuck Between Rime and Ry'Gorr from Gyatso.

Reverence for Life Great Divide
Quest Series
Goahmari Village
Amdo's Offense
Stuck Between Rime and Ry'Gorr
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