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Dull, Mechanized Wrath of Nature

This quest is part 6 of 7 for the Fabled version of the Fury-only Epic Weapon, Wrath of Nature.

  1. Talk with Thelia N'Fyre in Darklight Wood.
  2. Go to Fens of Nathsar and speak with Olieop at -1207, -90, 633 .
  3. Fly over to Eastern Pens of Riliss and talk to Ubdub the Scribe (the froglok slave) at -1934, -45, 1004 .
  4. Go back to Olieop to get update.
  5. Go to Kunzar Jungle and enter Sebilis to find the located at 126, 8, 212 in a weapon rack.
    • The staircase is the next left after officers quarters. The scimitar is in the room at the top of the stairs and is clickable.
  6. Go back to Darklight Wood find Thelia.

The Survival of the Rhino Fury Epic Weapon
Quest Series
Restored to Glory
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